Taking a Look at an Environmentally Friendly Hosting Provider

The web hosting market is definitely one that favors buyers. There are so many options and providers out there that they must compete ferociously for business, and special offers and seemingly incredible regular terms are constantly being thrown about. Rather than simply competing on the basis of price, some few providers try to distinguish themselves in more particular ways. This GreenGeeks hosting review will give an overview of one of them.

One thing that those outside of the hosting industry often don’t realize is just how much energy web hosting servers consume. Data centers can be among the largest single-building users of electricity in the cities they are located in, containing, as they do, often thousands of computers, each of which might devour as much as two hundred watts when in use. The GreenGeeks hosting service was founded to address this issue head on, and it has acquired a large following of loyal users because of this.

As a way of being kind to the environment, the company commits to returning more energy to the electric grid than it consumes. At the present time, in fact, it delivers to the local electric distribution system three times more energy than its servers and other equipment require to run. It does this by maintaining arrays of electricity-generating wind turbines which produce far more energy than it actually needs to operate.

It also pours resources and company time into a variety of charitable causes. These initiatives have made it a favorite among socially- and environmentally-conscious people and organizations who require web hosting, and it works just as hard when it comes to delivering its core product. Despite all of this philanthropy, the company’s web hosting services are actually quite affordable, a fact which means that its users sacrifice very little by signing up with it. In fact, some of its special offers are among the best available anywhere, and it couples these tempting deals with levels of service and reliability that make them even better bargains. For those who need web hosting, VPS services, or even dedicated servers, then, it makes a fine option, especially when environmental issues are also a concern.

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