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This Article Is A Comprehensive Guide To Web Hosting Storing folders and files on you computer is a convenience given by the modern technology since this files and folders are kept in one of the hard disk of your desktop thus, making them accessible in an easy manner if you happen to make use of them. Speaking of files, a web page can also be considered as one since it is quite similar to those of the word processing documents. The same thought of having the need to use computer for storing documents, when storing web pages, there is also a need to use computer. Talking about the difference between the documents and web pages, you can see that they are normally viewed by the owner or few chosen people while web pages are meant for the public to be viewed. You can make your web page possible to be seen by the general public if your personal computer has much better identification and is also connected to the internet which has an extremely strong signal. Speaking of storage device for web pages, they are called web servers since when they receive command from the user, these web pages will be serve to them through the internet. When all web pages are being gathered, they form a what we call websites, and when various web pages from all across the globe are collected as one, it leads to the formation of the WWW or the World Wide Web.
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It is the job of the web host to store web pages and web sites. That product that is being referred to in this article are what we call web space since the providers will sell space on the internet where in those who obtained the right can actually host a website. In measuring for the size of the space on the web is in the unit of megabytes which is the same as the one being used on the disk of a personal computer.
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Why is there a need for everyone to use web hosting? In technical terms, web hosting will allow you to connect your PC or even your MAC devices to the internet and enables the handing out of web pages thus making it accessible by the users. If we disregard the technical side and just focus on being practical, the answer would be a no and that is because the amount of power that a home-based internet connection can supply is not enough to accommodate the large number of users in the web. That is the reason why web hosting companies are being required. Web hosting companies not just own, but they also maintain an enormous amount of powerful and sufficient web servers that are used for storing web pages intended for the need of various people and companies.

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