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Top Tips to Improve Your Church’s Website When designing your church website, you want it to be attractive and leave visitors with a positive impression of your church. You want visitors to enjoy the experience of using your site. However, it’s quite difficult to create a fast-loading, user-friendly site. Creating a rewarding and fulfilling user experience requires plenty of time in addition to consistent, continuous effort. Here are church web design tips that’ll help you boost performance and create a site that users will enjoy using. Make it fast-loading
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Most people are impatient when on the internet. They have no time to wait for your site to load. Thus, it’s important to make some adjustments to improve your site’s load speed in order to stop users leaving your website hastily.
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Shrink your images Image sizes do affect internet load speeds. Large images reduce the load speed of web pages. Most professional website designers compress images to optimize them. Before you upload image files on your site, make sure to optimize them to have the smallest possible size of files. Make the site easy to navigate Your visitors need to easily and quickly move around your site. Make navigation consistent throughout your web pages. Use labels that mean something to the user. If your web page is too long due to some unnecessary content, get rid of it. If it’s still excessively long, you may use bookmarks or anchor links to help users quickly navigate the page. Include the “basics” Now, this might sound so obvious. However, the large number of church sites without service times, directions and a map is shocking. Downloading a map as well as directions, and checking service times is one of the main reasons visitors (especially new ones) come to your site. Show your visitors some kindness. If your website does not have anything else, make sure this info is available and easily seen. Use easy-to-read text Your site must have very readable text. Your website’s background color must be in sharp contrast to the text color. Make sure your font size is big enough for readability. Also, use whitespace, and divide long paragraphs into portions using section headings. Fix spelling and grammar This is another aspect that is too often ignored. Content that contains too many spelling and grammatical errors distracts. It only serves to divert your visitor’s attention from the message you want to pass. It weakens your effectiveness and leaves a poor image of your church. Ensure all links work Broken links might make visitors think that your website is not properly maintained or regularly updated. They are also one of the easiest ways to frustrate visitors and make them leave your site. Make sure to check older pages and identify broken links. Link checkers will help make this task easy.

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