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Benefits of Automated App Testing

Test automation has many advantages that allow you to build better apps with minimal effort. Some business still do not have the knowledge of automated testing, so they are afraid to risk shifting from manual testing to automated testing. Automated testing, when compared to manual testing is fast, reliable and can do the work efficiently over and over again 365 days a year.

You do not need to be around to monitor the automated app testing as you can just go about doing other things as your app gets tested.

Fewer human resources. If you are executing test automation in your app testing procedures, you will require minimal manual efforts. You will only require an engineer to script the process of automated testing.

Reusability of automated tests. You can use the scripts as many times as you wish particularly for automating reversion testing. Since the scripts are reusable, it will help you to redo the automated test the same without skipping any steps.

It is quick and efficient. The automated testing setup may take longer initially, but once it is complete, the automated tests usually take less time to complete.

Simultaneity. Performing automated tests on a higher number of devices at the same time leads to higher coverage that when done manually, would require one to have a massive team of workers with limited time to accomplish the tests. An increased test coverage leads to testing more features and a higher quality of the application. Automated tools can quickly write and test cases that have a huge number of lines of code.

Continuity. Since automated test scripts are not disposed of, an automation engineer can be able to get knowledge from what other past engineers did.

The cost of app testing is largely reduced. The time it takes for the automated testing to complete testing procedures on an application is less making it cost effective since time is money. It will contribute to high-quality results hence minimizing expenses on fixing glitches after release.

Automated testing improves ROI. If you are planning to invest in automated testing devices, you will have to be sure if you are going to get returns. When you first compare between manual testing and automated testing, you will see that automated testing is expensive when it comes to purchasing the tools but after you have purchased, you will end up with a long term return on investment.

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