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Is Sending Save the Date Cards Still Useful?

Planning your own wedding is quite a challenging task. For the most part, you want to skip on things where you can spare yourself of adding more to your already growing list of wedding expenses. However, we believe that in spite of the challenge of determining which things you should leave out, save the date cards must still be handed out to your guests. While you might be under the impression that these cards are no longer as popular as they were back in the day, the thing is there are unique reasons why you should give it a serious consideration. Let’s talk about these reasons below.

1 – It’s probably the most exciting way to announce your engagement.

Because save the date cards were originally invented as a form of communication, why not use it that way by announcing to everyone that you’re getting married?

2 – They are perfect for showcasing your wedding theme to your would-be guests.

Regardless of the theme of your wedding, the thing is you can integrate it to your DIY save the dates, the purpose of which is to give the recipients a preview of what to expect in the event.

3 – You can even include engagement shoot photos in those save the date cards.

There is no better way to personalize your save the date cards than putting photos of your engagement shoot and for your guests to see.

4 – By using save the date cards, you have some kind of guarantee on your guest list.

In essence, you will be sending those cards to your selected guests in advance, and in return, they will inform you if they indeed can attend based on the event date you provided in the card.

5 – They offer flexibility.

Probably the foremost reason why save the date cards will always be trendy is because they seem to offer flexibility in inviting guests like no other method can. For example, you get to send them to your prospective day/evening guest list and then have the liberty to invite them either on the day or evening reception.

Lastly, you need to realize that opting for sending save the date cards to your guests is a practical solution as an invitation, but it comes with a responsibility. Obviously, this responsibility means you need to send those cards as soon as possible because you want your guests to have ample time to prepare and free their schedules.

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