The Importance of Finding a Georgia SEO Firm Offering Performance SEO

Visit your georgia seo firm to ask them what performance SEO is, and they may start to tell you about pay for performance SEO, where the firm only gets paid when results are seen. Although this is one type of SEO, performance SEO is actually something completely different. With performance SEO, multiple sites are constructed, all for the same business, with each site set up to direct the visitor to the main website. This is done by driving all leads, calls, and clicks to the site. One can obtain all of the top spots on the search engines when making use of this technique.

The process is actually very simple. When a client wants to make use of performance SEO, they contact a provider offering this service. Depending on the provider and the industry of the client, he or she may already have generic websites set up, and all that will need to be done is to have the contact information for the client put into these sites and then they are added to the Internet. The client finds he or she has less risk because there will be less competition at at the top of the search engines as these sites dominate the top of the rankings.

Companies may question the importance of being listed on the front page of the search engines, believing it is possible to obtain additional traffic when listed on page two or three. Cornell University conducted a study which shows just how false this assumption is. Approximately 87 percent of users click on the first five listings, with 56 percent clicking on the very first listing on the page. Only 13 percent clicked on the second link. Businesses need to take this into account and push hard to be not only on the first page, but in the first and second positions to capture this business.

Companies may also believe they can develop similar websites and obtain the desired results. Be aware that performance SEO takes a great deal of time. One cannot develop these websites and walk away, assuming their work is done. Not only do search engines change their algorithms regularly, customers search in different ways, and this must be taken into account when creating and monitoring these sites. For this reason, turn to professional performance SEO experts for help. The return on investment makes it worth every dime spent.

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