The Importance of Google in Building a Reputation

Working with a company to promote a brand is a very common thing to do, and some of the best web companies in the world have initially outsourced their web marketing to gain a quick and reputable edge. Google is a pioneering force in SEO development. There are two distinctive ways to merge SEO with Google that does not immediately rely on the specific SEo actions of ranking but the authority of it.

Becoming a Google Partner

An entire book could be written about how to implement SEO and take advantage of Google’s resources. But it can be encapsulated in one stamp of professionalism- become a Google partner. Google wants validation, and will reward content holders appropriately if they go through the system as it is and they become an accredited partner. This obviously makes sense, because they take time and the brand takes time to become a confirmed entity or authority on a topic. It would make sense for Google to reward brands that go through this process by ranking them high.

Now of course that is balanced against other aspects of the brand, such as its overall SEO marketing, its popularity, and its allocation of keywords. Quality is always important too. But if a brand wants a quick leg-up in the competition, this is the way to do it.

Adwords Certification

Adwords is a very complicated system. In a nutshell, it allows users to advertise content through three main networks or methods:

  1. embedded links that go directly on a website
  2. adverts that appear on the side when people search for content
  3. Top heading ‘features’ that redirect visitors to a website for a specific keyword

Adwords can be implemented in these ways, and companies struggle to find a formula that maximizes viewership and minimizes cost. One solid way to accomplish this is through an Adwords certification. This is rewarded to brands that either buy it or earn it through reliable quality content over a period of time. It is not easy to obtain, so anyone that has this authorship becomes a valuable Google partner. Visitors can browse now to learn more about Google’s new status allocations and what it means for SEO marketers.

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