The Power of Authority: Becoming a Google Partner

Google seems immortally connected with search engine optimization. Sensibly, Google is the world’s most important search engine, and the company has expanded into all sorts of new avenues to make it both a cultural juggernaut and a global phenomenon. But the important of Google goes beyond just providing a slew of intuitive resources. It has redefined the way companies market their goods, and it is quite a reinvention.

So how does a company integrate Google into their own resources? It is widely understood that Google has an algorithm that accounts for many different data points, and it balances out all these various attributes to rank content by ‘importance’ and ‘quality.’ This is not focused on the basics of SEO in that regard, but more in the way Google can be used outside of the direct rankings. There are really two core ways this can be accomplished, as detailed below.

Getting Adwords Certified- or Working With Someone That is

Adwords is another service provided by Google that allows users to easily create and post ads into their website or through Google rankings. The Adwords certification is another type of validation. Adwords works by ranking content by a number of variables, such as the amount the advertiser is paying per click and the popularity of the website being advertised. So this is a really important element to the whole of web advertising. Working with a certified partner is valuable in gaining quick accreditation for the content.

Some companies bring that status to the table. They have the ability to provide the service above non-validated service companies because they have that established authority from Google.

Welcome to Partner Status

Becoming a Google Partner is one of the most promising and interesting ways to rank higher with content and branding. It establishes the source as a reputable entity not just with potential visitors but with Google itself. Many brands seek partner status and do not get it. They must register again at a later date (and Google black marks certain entities from the status for life). At the end of the day, it is a proven status, like a diploma or certification. Resolve Digital becomes recommended reading in learning about Google’s new changes and SEO as a whole.

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