The Pros and Cons of Industrial Flooring

If you are opening a retail business, warehouse, or any other type of facility, and you expect heavy foot traffic, you may be debating whether or not industrial flooring is the right option for your building. Taking the time to weigh the pros and cons can help you make an educated decision as to whether this type of flooring is ideal for your space.

Cons of Industrial Flooring


One of the biggest downsides to industrial flooring is the cost. Most types of industrial flooring are more expensive than their residential counterparts. The main reason for this is that industrial flooring is much thicker, making it more durable than residential flooring. Unfortunately, that means the cost of the flooring will be higher.


The other major downside to industrial flooring is its appearance. The majority of industrial flooring options are not the most beautiful looking materials available. They can be rather plain, dull and boring looking. At the end of the day, as long as your floor is in good condition and clean, most customers won’t pay it much attention.

Pros of Industrial Flooring


The biggest advantage to industrial flooring is its durability. This type of flooring is designed to withstand a great deal of foot traffic. If you have high levels of foot traffic, and you use regular or residential flooring, it is going to quickly wear out, as it just is not designed to handle that much daily use. If you want your floor to last a long time, industrial flooring may be the best option for you.

Easy to Clean:

The other advantage to industrial flooring is that most types are extremely easy to clean. Industrial flooring is not made from hard-to-clean materials, such as wood or stone. It is often made from plastics, laminates or linoleum. These items are all very easy to clean, helping you to keep your cleaning time and costs under control.

When deciding between industrial and regular flooring, you have to keep in mind your budget and how much foot traffic you have per day. These two aspects will help guide you to the type of flooring that is best for you and that fits within your budget.

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