The Real Cost of IT Failure is Not the Hardware

Numerous neighborhood companies that utilize specialist IT support are not obtaining the sort of customized service that they need and must actually expect.

Numerous of these solutions are exactly what we call ‘reactive’– they only begin functioning after something has actually failed– this suggests that you enjoy down-time before they are even conscious that there is a problem.

Efficiency and therefore earnings go down during these periods of down-time and this is a concealed expense to exactly what might seem to be a fairly valued solution!

When calculating your IT costs, to get a real idea of the costs it is needed to consider the expenses of downtime, the effect of slow-moving pcs and IT systems that are not optimised or running at complete effectiveness.
The reality is that it is frequently these concealed costs, that are seldom calculated, surpass the financial cost of the solution.

For example; the computer system has actually gone down at 8:30 am and the IT company reacts rapidly and have an engineer on site by 9:30 and they are able to get the system up and running once again by 10:30. Only 2 hrs downtime for a service call-out is quite good? Hmm … well think again.

As paying the service call-out and the price of any kind of replacement the unseen cost is of 2 hrs of very little productivity– just how much profit-making task was lost throughout that 2 hour period?

The various other anything to take into consideration is that inevitably it is in the call-out supplier’s interest rate for your devices to malfunction! If you have a call-out contract with a service provider, they are not thinking about keeping you going, they want getting an engineer bent on you as soon as possible– this seeks all what you are paying them for, right?

The reality is that there will be little-to-none ahead preparing and diagnostics, you will only understand about issues when they come to be critical and source down-time. This is IT stipulation by ‘fire-fighting’.

At Unique Networks we take a various strategy– we send out engineers to you when you DO N’T have equipment malfunctions! This is since our viewpoint is ‘deterrence is better compared to a treatment’.
Our purpose is to provide our clients 100 % up time, or a minimum of manage any sort of down-time so that it happens each time when the systems perform stand-by, typically outside workplace hrs.

Among the ways we achieve this is by placing an ‘agent’ in each piece of tools that delivers an alert when it selects up particular signals. These signals tell us that something has actually cracked, or that something is not functioning at full capability– we could then service that piece of tools at a hassle-free time and avoid it falling short at a crucial time.
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