The Responsibilities of Criminal Defense Attorneys

Lawyers offers a valuable service that is designed to ensure that every person, regardless of their income, race or religion, are properly educated in their rights and protected against others that may wish to do something unfair against them. This is true whether they are preparing documents, representing someone in a divorce or defending them when they have been accused of a crime.

Of all of these, it is the criminal defense lawyer that may be the most important. They are not there just to protect money or property, but in some instances to protect lives. At the very least they can help an unfairly accused client keep their freedom and quality of life.

The job of a criminal defense attorney is a challenge. It is a rare instance when they have a client that is in court with no evidence against them. In many cases these individuals may have confessed, something that happens for numerous reasons even when they are not guilty. In some cases they have committed the crime, by the underlying circumstances surrounding the case may have given the accused no other option.

Perhaps the most challenging are the appeals for those that sit on death row. Many of these men and women continue to proclaim their innocence long after their trials have ended. Not all are innocent, but enough are to make the appeals process a necessary part of the American legal system. In the last 40 years over 150 people have been exonerated and released from death row. Studies have shown that as many as four percent of the individuals waiting for execution are actually not guilty of the crimes they were accused of committing.

That may seem to be a small number, but whenever an innocent person is punished for a crime committed by someone else, two injustices occur. The first is the loss of freedom of someone who has done nothing wrong. The second is the fact that the real criminals are often still free and a danger to anyone that comes in contact with them.

This is the duty of criminal defense attorneys like Aric Cramer. Their efforts are dedicated to seeing that everyone gets the justice they are guaranteed. If you or someone you love are facing felony charges, do not risk your safety or sacrifice your rights, find the best possible attorney to help protect you during this often confusing and life-changing process.

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