The Top 3 Strategies for Finding Items to Sell on EBay that Harness the Potential of Drop Shipping

It is possible to make a whole lot of money on eBay, but it takes a little bit of intuition and a little bit of research. It also takes abandoning the idea of manually packaging boxes. This can be accomplished through drop shipping.

Drop shipping allows people to sell an item on their own eBay auction page. The item they found is something they may never personally hold in their hands. They find it on websites across the Internet. When it sells, the distributor does the actual mailing. The auction seller gets the difference between the original price and the price they sold it for. Ultimately, everyone wins. The difficult part is finding companies that are open to this type of arrangement. Some are more than happy to allow someone else to sell their product on eBay. Below are three strategies for finding what to sell on eBay where drop shipping can be used.

  • Find companies that do not have an eBay presence. The strategy will allow the eBay seller to have a lot more leverage. They are able to not only provide more sales to the eBay page but bring in a new revenue source the company is not really using.
  • Find smaller companies and products that are looking for exposure. Every company wants more sales, but some companies are, in more or less words, “desperate.” The smaller entities are also more accessible for contact.
  • Smart EBay sellers will research and find price differences. For example, they will find an item that is being sold on eBay for $250. They then search on Amazon and find the exact same item for $150. An auction seller can use that to their advantage because they know what type of differential they can make on a particular item. That can be extremely valuable in learning what types of companies are selling their items for a wide range of prices.

It doesn’t always take a long relationship with a specific company to be successful to eBay drop shipping. It may only be one product. But, that can be enough to start building that snowball in growing a small eBay enterprise.

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