Three Unique Ways to Create a Focal Point with Rugs

Your decorative rugs can create focal points in every room of your home, but you don’t have to use them in the traditional sense. In fact, displaying rugs in unique ways can add powerful visual impact to your space. Try one of these 3 unique ways to create focal points with rugs.

1. Hang them on the wall.

When you hang rugs from walls, you create instant visual interest. People have been using rugs as wall hangings for centuries, especially when it comes to ornate or highly detailed pieces.

For the best results, choose a wall on which no other art is hung. Display the rug vertically (“portrait” style) if you want to take up more room on a long wall, or hang it horizontally (“landscape” style) for narrower walls.

Since you don’t want to damage the rug, consider applying Velcro strips to the back of the rug. This will eliminate the need to put holes through the fibers, but the rug will still be secure on the wall.

2. Layer them in the center of the floor.

One interesting way to create an instant focal point is to layer multiple rugs on top of one another. This can be accomplished in one of two ways:

  1. Position smaller rugs on top of larger ones with even edges all around.
  2. Layer several rugs of varying or similar sizes, so they are skewed in different directions.

3. Place rugs over the entire floor.

Another unique way to use rugs as focal points is to cover the entire floor, just like you would with a carpet. Arrange them end-to-end, so no floor is visible between them. Not only does this create visual interest in the space, but it’s also a useful way to hide stains and other damage to floors you aren’t yet ready to replace.

The first option is more traditional and clean while the second evokes a Bohemian or eclectic vibe. Either way, select rugs with at least one similar quality to tie them together, such as color or design. Rugs make excellent focal points because of their inherent visual interest. Use them in every room to add warmth and color to each space.

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