Topera Understands Every Heartbeat Matters

Millions of people are living with heart rhythm disorders every day along with the related suffering that may occur. Unfortunately, many of the current treatment options are generic when they should be customized to suit the unique needs of each patient. The current generic approach may not be the most effective way to help patients with heart rhythm disorders. Topera technology is now being used to find out the actual source of arrhythmia and why a patient is experiencing it. Each person may have a unique source that is causing the problem. Discovering the reason why it exists makes it possible for medical professionals to develop treatments for each patient’s needs.

This innovative solution all started with the research of a dedicated doctor who wanted to improve the well-being of one of his patients. As a researcher and cardiac electrophysiologist, Dr. Sanjiv Narayan understood how heart rhythm disorders could have a serious impact on the quality of the lives of his patients. One patient endured multiple failed procedures to try to correct his atrial fibrillation. When this patient sought advice from Dr. Narayan, the doctor decided it would be wise to identify and target the source of the heart problem. This was the start of a whole new way to provide treatment to patients with heart rhythm disorders.

Dr. Narayan and his colleague, Dr. Ruchir Sehra, decided to use a prototype created by Dr. Narayan to try to help this patient. By using his version, the doctor was finally able to identify an area that is not typically targeted for treatment. Eliminating this rotor helped the patient to finally break free from atrial fibrillation. After this amazing breakthrough, a diagnostic system was made to help find the sources of heart rhythm disorders such as atrial fibrillation. Today this cutting edge company is focused on becoming an international leader in discovering the sources of heart rhythm disorders. This will make it possible to develop solutions that are made specifically for each patient and thus could be more effective. Thoughtful technology is bringing hope and health into the lives of people with heart rhythm disorders.

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