Transform Your Business With an Online Marketing Campaign

The ingredients for successful business growth start with a solid marketing campaign and include customer engagement, reputation management, a follow-up plan, and maintenance of these components over time. In the past marketing was primarily done through print advertising and word of mouth mentions, however recently we’ve seen a surge of marketing potential in online advertising. This form of marketing on the internet has recently overtaken print advertising to be the most efficient and profitable method of marketing your local business online.

However, that does not mean just any business will have the tools necessary to take advantage of this new marketing platform. A wider variety of skills are necessary to effectively engage people searching for services online. Primarily, an online marketer must have proficient ability in the realms of social media, website development, online reputation management, and optimizing a business website for success in the search engines.

This is exactly why it’s so vital to have an online marketing team on your side. Online marketing companies such as Social Media Ninjas, a Santa Rosa internet marketing company,  carry the burden of local businesses by taking control of every facet of a marketing campaign. The tasks included in a standard marketing campaign include some or all (and certainly not limited to) the following:

Website Design & Development – Creating a strong personalized brand for your business is the first step to any marketing campaign. The website will be the target for most marketing efforts, and a positive experience on the website encourages customer follow-through.

Social Media Engagement – Social media allows for engaging customers where they are at and encouraging word of mouth referrals. A highly personalized social experience will make your business more ‘real’ to your customers, thus strengthening your online persona – AKA ‘Brand’.

Reputation & Review Management – Emphasizing the positive experience of the customer while seeking to address the issues that negative reviewers have experienced.

Business Citation Building – Visibility of a business comes from literally hundreds of different sources online. It’s imperative to know each and every venue for placing business information. Think of these citations as hundreds of online Yellow Pages.

Analytics & Stat Tracking – As your business grows, it’s important to identify the primary areas of growth. If traffic comes in from one area of a marketing campaign, it’s important to build upon that success while maintaining the strengthening of underdeveloped campaigns.

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