Twitter Expanded Tweets-The Jury is Still Out

Anyone who uses Twitter has likely come up against the 140 character maximum. It isn't always easy to convey the information you need to get across to your followers. Twitter has been working on this and now has a new feature that will allow for more creative messaging on their social network. Twitter Expanded Tweets may be used to offer additional content including text, video and images. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC's Breaking News and Time are media partners in this venture and will be using these expanded tweets first.

When an expanded tweet is used, many things can be seen. A news article will show not only a preview and headline, you can also read the introduction and a portion of the article. This gives the viewer the opportunity to see what is in those links. Twitter was designed to provide a quick message and now this expansion will allow viewers to see which links they want to follow through on and which they feel aren't of importance to them. Will this ultimately be a good thing or will companies find that Twitter Expanded Tweets actually hurt them?

Many feel these tweets will be a good thing. In addition to traditional media content seen in newspapers and magazines, photos, videos and music links will be offered. This is a good thing for users who have limited time and want a brief overview of what is going on without having to actually visit each site to get the details. Twitter will definitely benefit as their website will have more value and mobile users will spend more time on their site. This may actually hurt the media companies though.

Some media companies have pointed out that readers may only view these expanded tweets without actually visiting the source, thereby hurting the source. The playing field will no longer be even either as only certain providers will be able to make use of the expanded tweets. Those providers who aren't included in the select group may lose website visitors. The content creator who does make use of this feature may also find that he is now working to keep Twitter afloat rather than his own site, for the most part.

Only time will tell if this will benefit or harm businesses. At first glance, the expanded tweets appear to be a good thing. Those who have access to this feature though will need to closely monitor their company website traffic to see if it is affecting them in a negative way.

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