Unmetered Dedicated Servers are Optimial for Serious Hosting Needs

There are now nearly as many websites as there are people in the world. While a relatively small number of sites rake in the lion’s share of the Net’s traffic, an incredible number of smaller sites have their own fans as well. By far the greatest number of these lower-profile sites are served from shared hosting setups, whereby as many as a hundred distinct destinations may be served up from a single physical computer. Such shared hosting is appropriate and worthwhile for many, but those with a larger audience or who plan to find one soon generally end up looking for more substantial and reliable services.

Dedicated or Virtual: Which is Right for a Particular Purpose?

Those who pay attention to the world of hosting have heard a lot in recent years about virtual private servers, and these popular products do have their upsides. Acting as something of a middle ground between traditional shared web hosting and truly dedicated physical servers, these products are generally best suited to those who need easy dynamic scaling of hosting capacity, and who can put up with the possibility that the availability of an individual server’s resources will vary depending upon the demands put on them by other clients.

Many others, however, are still best-served by traditional dedicated server hosting. Such web server hosting involves the provision of a distinct physical server for each client, and this arrangement means that a client is thereby guaranteed full use of that server’s resources at all times.

An Unmetered Server is an Unlimited Server

One of the most precious of these resources, of course, is network bandwidth. While many providers offer supposedly “unlimited bandwidth” to their prospective clients, such promises almost invariably come with fine print attached. In practice, a client who tries to make great use of such supposedly unlimited bandwidth will typically be invited to upgrade or look elsewhere before long.

That is not the case when it comes to unmetered dedicated servers. A company such as 100TB, which offers such products, commits to allowing the possessor of a particular server to make full use of its network interfaces as often and whenever the client wishes. Such an unmetered web server is the truest approximation of the “unlimited bandwidth” that is so often promised in marketing copy; unmetered dedicated servers are allowed by the hosting company to pass as much traffic as they possibly can, with no interference or throttling. To find out more about dedicated servers and the benefits of unmetered bandwidth, you can visit a provider like 100TB.

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