Use Keypad Entry Devices to Prevent Unwanted Access

As a business owner, you may need to restrict access to some of the rooms in your buildings. This can be especially important if cash is handled in the building, as you don’t want anyone to be able to access the cash. However, there is always a concern that an employee who has left your business will be able to return and gain access to the room again. When you use a keypad entry device to secure the room, this isn’t a problem.

With a keypad device, you may want to give each employee their own pin to use. This allows you to track who is entering the room easier than if one pin was used for every employee. It also allows you to prevent anyone from entering the secured area when they are no longer employed by you. This is a simple process, done by deleting the pin number they used from the list of pins the device will accept. This can be done in just a few minutes, so you don’t have to worry about a security breach or the potential to lose money if the employee returns.

While you’d probably like to think that former employees wouldn’t return to steal from you, it unfortunately happens to businesses all of the time. To protect your business, you can install a keypad entry device to any areas that need to be restricted. If an employee leaves, you can remove their pin from the system to prevent them from gaining entry again. You can visit for more information about keypad devices and to have one, or more, installed for your business.

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