Vegan, Organic and Sustainable: The New Era of Food Production Has Begun

Hampton Creek has become well known for its unique mayonnaise that caused quite a stir in the grocery industry. Just Mayo was the product that brought a lot of attention to this company that is now appreciated by many shoppers who are seeking organic, vegan options to fill their kitchen cupboards. The food manufacturer has changed everything in how new products are researched, thought about and produced. In order to satisfy their many customers they have been steadily working to find new ways to change common foods.

Consumers understand how harmful many of the chemical-laden and over processed products on supermarket shelves happen to be. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find healthy foods that meet all of the goals people set for themselves. Organic, gluten-free and non-GMO options are hard to find and many products seem impossible to create in a manner that is acceptable to vegans.

This is where Hampton Creek has excelled. They have developed methods that prove products can be all of these things and still taste good. The upcoming Hampton Creek product launch is proving this in an undeniable way. Their amazing list of products goes beyond the mayo and cookie dough they have been marketing and expands their range substantially.

Customers will now have the ability to choose from a wide range of products carrying their name and guarantee of quality. These include salad dressings, vegan egg substitutes and pancake mixes. The products are healthier, safer and entirely free of all animal products. Each is designed as a way to help people to eat better while producing sustainable products that are also better for the planet, Every product can be purchased with confidence and entirely guilt-free.

Hampton Creek is not a trendy product line that will quickly fade away. They are the first phase of how the food industry must change. The supply of food must increase to keep up with a growing population, and current methods are inefficient and too reliant on factory processing and animal products to be acceptable. With these additions to their product line, Hampton is proving again that a vegan lifestyle of sustainable foods never needs to be boring.

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