Video SEO Tips

In today’s digital world, video seo is a big deal for driving traffic to your site and to increase business potentially. As more and more people look to videos to gain information about a topic or product, website owners are now tasked with learning how to market effectively in this arena. Below are a few seo tips to help if you plan to do videos to market to potential customers.

Keep it Simple

The world of seo can be complex and overwhelming. The focus on keywords, meta tags, and what to do and what not to do can get crazy. However, if you return to why you started your business in the first place you will be fine. Keep it simple but don’t skimp on quality. Give your reader/viewer something worth sharing and returning for. In other words, put your ego in your pocket and focus on your audience’s wants and needs and the rest is easy.

Link to Your Google + Profile

This is called Google Authorship and gives more creditability to your video. This will also help to eliminate others taking your video information as their own.

Make Sure Your Links Work

Google doesn’t favor sites with broken links, nor will your visitor so make sure to check regularly, say on a monthly basis, that the links you are driving traffic too actually works.

Content is King, Still

Creating strong, useful, and quality content that people want to see is important. You are doing a video but you still should have at least 250-600 words on your page underneath your video discussing what you are covering in the video. This is a great way to back link to your blog, which if you don’t have you should.

Managing an effective seo campaign takes time and effort. You must be on your game regularly to ensure that your site is doing the best it can. As your business and traffic advances, you may want to consider hiring a professional to do the SEO side of your business. This will ensure that it is done, as it is necessary. In addition, it frees you up to focus on sales producing activities.

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