Web Design Blunders Made By Small Businesses

A website is a great promotional and marketing tool for any new small business. Usually the people visiting the site will want information delivered to them quickly and effectively. If you mess up your website, it can potentially cost you a lot of money in potential sales and advertising. The following are some of the most common mistakes made by first time web designers.

Rushing the Design

Many small businesses are so anxious to get their website up and running that they forget to research their target audience for ideas. By starting the site before you research, you will likely miss a huge part of your target audience in the process. An example of this would be if your research showed that you have a lot of older customers, then you would make sure the font size was bigger and more accessible for an older reader. Being able to adjust your website to fit your users will be a huge advantage when marketing to the customer. Usually an experienced web design in New Orleans will be able to advise you on tactics previously mentioned.

Too much Flash

Many rookie designers will put too much aesthetic appeal on one page, which leaves it feeling jumbled and jagged. Your page should not be so much about flash, but instead be more about advertising your business. A simple page that is easy to navigate will gain you many more visitors that an overly flashy and complicated design. Also, having a flashy site does not translate well onto a phone or tablet, which is what many people view the web on these days. You do not want to alienate a big chunk of the market by not appealing to them at all.

Outdated Content

Another big mistake made by first time designers is the fact that they don’t plan for future advancement in web media. This lack of planning will make the content on the page eventually look stale or outdated. Planning for the future is one of the most important principles in new orleans design and should be followed to avoid losing users.

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