Website Designers Perth Harness Simplicity for Better Results

SEO developing is a pivotal part of web development. But what about the website? How many companies develop this wonderful campaign and forget the fact that what they are bringing to the table is a poorly designed website? The best web resources work web design in conjunction with the marketing for the best possible result.

A Home Page: A home page is the front of the physical building. It is the first thing a visitor sees, and it sets the tone for the coming sections as well as the business as a whole. Some important home page strategies include a large visually striking graphic that captures the imagination immediately. This may work for a clothing line or real estate business. They want to capture the synergy of the product line with immediate charm. Blogs and informative sites may not work on this level. This is because people are not sure of what the company is immediately, and a big vague image may distract them. Generally speaking, striking visuals will capture attention and engage viewers with immediacy.

The Content Wheel: How does one navigate this website and find new information? This is a visitor’s first question. Marketers can be sure that if it is not answered within 5 seconds, the visitor will leave. The navigation bar must be readily visible. It can blend into the content of the home page, but it really needs to stick out as well. A drab and dull navigation bar is also unflattering. But one that changes shape and color when highlighting or clicking around could also be invasive. The balance between the two is something like a line appearing below the tab option, or the color changing upon highlighting.

The two above strategies reflect something very important about modern website designers Perth. Simplicity will win out every time, and just as something is getting too complex, the best bet is to scale it back and refine it further. This will ultimately keep the image of the brand crisp and clear. It will also allow the message to impact deeper and the visitor to find what they need within a minute.

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