Where Do You Find Your Strength and Encouragement?

Many people these days are finding life somewhat difficult to handle. In these changing times, it can help to put your trust in God and lean on him when things are not easy. This is why many people find reading the Bible to be a source of strength for them. Reading the Bible fills you with hope and allows you to draw closer to God. No matter what you are going through, you are sure to find the answers you need when you read the Bible. This information will help you to find a starting point, to help you begin to grasp God’s word and hold it in your heart.

What are the Best Bible Verses to Begin Reading?

If you are in need of renewed hope, reading Matthew 10:29-30 can help. These verses talk about no sparrow falling to the ground and dying without God being aware. If he cares so much for these small birds, he cares so much more for you. If he so carefully studies the birds and what happens with them, imagine how much more he cares for you and what you are going through.

When people are grieving, they often find comfort in reading the Bible. In the book of Ecclesiastes, you can read that there is a time for every season. God sees you in every season of your life and knows what you are facing. When you are grieving, he feels your pain and is there to help you through.

Many people find comfort in reading the Psalms, because it is so full of passion and love for the Lord. It speaks of heartache, joy and so many other emotions. Reading a few verses from Psalms each day can keep you encouraged and help you to find peace in every portion of your life.

If you would like more information on reading the Bible and finding hope, visit www.GoodBibleVerses.org. Here, you will find tons of verses to read and fill your heart with encouragement. Through God’s holy word, you can be encouraged on a daily basis, by realizing how much God loves and cares for you in everything you do.

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