Why Do Churches Need Websites?

While many congregations have found that creating and maintaining a website is helpful, other churches remain unconvinced. In fact, there are a number of advantages that go along with a well-designed congregational website. Here are some of the ways that such a site can make a huge difference in outreach and ministry.

Attract the Attention of Seekers

More and more, newcomers to town are likely to use the Internet to find out more about the local community. That includes researching places to begin attending worship services. By maintaining a website that provides plenty of detail about what the church has to offer, the odds of attracting the attention of those newcomers are increased. That in turn will lead to growing the congregation and allowing it to become the type of church home that those people are seeking.

Lower Operational Expenses

One of the objections to a church website is that it costs money to develop and maintain. While that it true, it can also provide the means of saving a great deal of money. For example, does the church currently produce weekly and monthly newsletters? Many congregants would be happy to go to the website and download electronic copies rather than receive one through the post. The cost savings with this one application could easily offset the expense of operating the site.

Keep in mind that access to electronic newsletters can also be a great outreach tool. Seekers who visit the site can download them and find out what sorts of activities are being planned for the future. Members can also pass those electronic copies on to people they know, expanding the opportunity to reach more people who may be looking for a church home.

Keep People Informed

The ability to quickly go online and check the monthly activities calendar on the website helps to keep people in the know of events they would like to attend. That includes events like potlucks, concerts, special guest speakers, and any business meetings that are slated for the near future. Working in tandem with announcements from the pulpit and items printed in the order of worship, making sure people know about these events will be a little easier.

Even small congregations can make the most of a properly crafted website. Talk with the team at Churchdev.com and start exploring the possibilities. A great site can be up and running in no time, and the congregation can begin to reap the benefits.

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