Why Industry Relies on Moisture Control Experts

Air conditioning systems control the humidity in most homes and businesses, but there are times when only specialized equipment can successfully remove excess moisture in the air. Many clients need the custom solutions offered by professionals such as Bry-Air. Growers, hospitals, breweries, and wastewater processing plants are just some of the industries that find solutions in the advice at Bry-air‘s website and during expert consultations.

Professionals Keep Hospitals Safe

You may have noticed that some areas of hospitals are very chilly, especially surgical suites. That is because cold temperatures kill dozens of germs and viruses and help maintain sterile environments. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to maintain such low temperatures and still control humidity. This is a problem because excess moisture allows contaminates to grow in air ducts and lets some microbes thrive. Specialists solve the problem with systems that let staff members set the temperature and humidity they need.

Professionals Keep Breweries Sanitary

The heat, water, and grain in breweries make them ideal homes for fungi and mold. Unfortunately, brewing environments also require low temperatures, and the combination can result in contaminated products and unsanitary conditions. Companies solve the problem with custom dehumidifiers that eliminate condensation on walls and in storage areas. Unique systems prevent organic corrosion. lower maintenance costs, and make clean-up and floor drying much quicker.

Professionals Design Systems for Wastewater Plants

Wastewater processing offers the ideal breeding ground for molds, fungus, and bacteria. As a result, pipes and other equipment have to be kept free of the condensation that can happen cold pipes meet moisture in the air. Left unchecked, this can cause paint to deteriorate, pipes to corrode, and electrical failures. Standard air conditioners tend to over-freeze the pipes, but professionals solve the problem with specially-designed dehumidifiers that create consistent, year-round humidity levels.

Professionals Protect Stored Food

Many grains and other foods are stored in silos before processing. Unfortunately, silos usually have open spaces near the tops to allow circulation. They also allow condensation to form on the walls when outside and inside temperatures vary. Professionals solve the problem for clients by installing dehumidifiers that remove moisture without damaging products. They deliver fresh air and adjust to temperature fluctuations.

The professionals who specialize in commercial dehumidification serve virtually every industry. They protect food, medical facilities, and many industrial processes from the effects of moisture. Experts design systems that provide unique solutions for each client.

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