Why You Might Choose Dedicated Web Servers

There are plenty of individuals as well as businesses that are preparing to introduce a website to the Internet. These websites can command a great deal of attention almost immediately, if placed and marketed properly.

It’s important to understand that some websites are so robust in graphics or in interactive audio and video that the best options for web server hosting is needed to make sure that a website is able to function as designed and offer visitors the best website experience possible.

In these instances, only the best type of web hosting will suffice. This is what leads many individuals and businesses to choose dedicated web servers above all other options.

Full Server Resources

One of the best features of dedicated web hosting is that unlike shared web hosting or VPS hosting, which stipulates that multiple websites share a web hosting server, dedicated server web hosting allows one website the full use of its very own web server. What this means is that the website will have total availability of all of the server’s functions and resources.

Whatever the maximum level of bandwidth that is permitted through a hosting plan is precisely what the website will be able to use. There will be no divvying up of bandwidth or processing power to share between multiple websites. With dedicated servers, providers like 100TB sometimes have the option to choose an unmetered server.

Software Flexibility

Another benefit of dedicated servers is the flexibility that the website will have two use whatever software the website owner chooses. With shared plans as well of the VPS hosting, the website owner has very little say in what software is used to help facilitate the website’s function and help the operating and functions of the Web server itself. With a dedicated plan, you have the option of using whatever software you choose. The only restrictions are that it must be compatible to the web server that you’re using.

There is no question that dedicated web servers are the best type of hosting server out there. However, these types of servers don’t come without cost. If you’re considering this type hosting plan, you need to be prepared for the fact that dedicated servers are usually the most expensive hosting option available today. If, however, your website is graphic intensive or interactive or you expect a great deal of traffic, a dedicated plan is likely your best option for providing the best possible website experience you can. You can visit a dedicated hosting provider like 100TB to get more information on dedicated servers and choose the best plan to meet your needs.

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