With Rob Poulos From Fat Burning Furnace You Can Get Fit Too

There’s one struggle that millions of people are currently facing and it’s costing lives every year. Obesity is an ongoing problem and has grown to become an epidemic. Over 40% of the population is obese and the numbers are constantly rising. Rob Poulos has the answer to those looking to fight and win their battle with obesity.

Many questions come up when talking about weight loss. How exactly do you lose weight? Losing weight is difficult for many people because there are so many ways it can be done. The one thing you shouldn’t do is starve yourself. Some people think that avoiding food is the best way to lose weight. On the contrary, starving yourself is a terrible way to lose weight and is also very dangerous for your overall health. Drastically reducing your caloric intake will only bring your metabolic rate to a hault. The slower your metabolism is the harder it is to lose weight.

When it comes to losing weight, there’s often a debate about whether cardio or weightlifting is best. Some believe that cardio exercises (i.e. running, jogging, aerobics, etc.) are much more beneficial when it comes to burning calories. This belief is likely due to the fact that people tend to sweat a lot during intense cardio workouts. Some experts believe that intense weightlifting workouts are the key to burning fat, because of the workout your muscles get. However, the truth is that a workout regimen consisting of both weightlifting and cardio is ideal for weight loss.

Rob Poulos from Fat Burning Furnace can teach participants how to create an effective workout regimen to get into shape. If you want to lose weight, it would be best to set aside about an hour everyday for your workout. Sixty minutes is the optimal amount of time the body needs to burn a sufficient amount of calories, which leads to weight loss. During this time you’ll either focus on weight training or cardio. You should also focus on working out for as much as five days a week, while alternating between cardio and weightlifting days.

Take this advice and use it on your weight loss journey. Focus on various exercises that incorporate cardio and weightlifting activities. Coupled with the right diet you’re sure to notice a difference within weeks.

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