Cutting Edge SEO: Benefiting Your Business with the 3 Latest SEO Techniques

Search engine optimization is always changing, and it can be extremely difficult to keep up with what is working and what is not. While the big updates that are rolled out once a year or once every couple of years seem to get all the press attention (and in fairness, with good reason), Google frequently tweaks or updates the way it ranks websites without any fanfare. This means constant changes and going to bed one night on top of the world, only to wake up back at square one.

Succeeding online means staying on top of all the major changes that are going on in the SEO world. Recognizing and adjusting to the newest strategies will help get you ahead of the game.

#1: Using Infographics for SEO

Infographics are extremely popular right now, and it isn’t hard to see why. They are easy to share, do well on multiple types of social media websites like Facebook and Pinterest and can even get backlinks due to the sheer number of infographic directories and websites that are sprouting up. Add in the ability to get social media traffic or to have one of these go viral, and that type of attention will inevitably lead to more attention, more mentions and more links from other websites.

That is a high quality SEO strategy that surprisingly few Internet Marketers are taking advantage of right now.

#2: Drive Traffic to PBNs or Support Blogs

There is a lot of controversy over whether Private Blog Networks (PBNs) are worth the risk, but putting that aside, when done right, it’s been shown supporting blogs, websites, or even PBNs can have a huge positive effect on helping to rank websites.

This is because these websites can be built with authority or in a similar niche which also adds a contextual link. The SEO comes from linking to the main money website – that isn’t new. However, it’s been shown in some early testing that hitting those supporting websites with social media traffic can help strengthen the links they give and boost the results on the main money website.

If you can get some organic traffic to those supporting websites, then any outgoing links become extremely powerful and can help a money website absolutely blast up the rankings for some very competitive keywords. This is powerful knowledge because it seems to indicate sites with traffic automatically are receiving trust and authority when they link out. Get your supporting websites some organic traffic!

#3: Search for Specialty Directories

Everyone is looking for the old general list of directories they can shoot out as many listings as possible to – but this isn’t the best use of time. There are all kinds of specialty directories which focus on one common thread like being from the same state, all being on one topic (whether wilderness survival, camping, baby clothes, or shopping) or having some other common trait.

These types of directories tend to be much better ranked, give out more powerful links and have added SEO value. While general directory links can do some good, they are not going to come close to matching the power of a link from a specialty directory. It can take some time to locate enough to make a decent list, but it is worth it.

Pushing Forward

If you are going to be successful in the world of SEO, you must be comfortable with the need to adjust and adapt. By paying attention to the newest strategies, you will be ahead of the herd when it comes to ranking your websites at the top and keeping them there.

About the Author

Ricardo Nunez is the founder of, specializing in professional SEO services focused on getting results.