Static Page And A WordPress Blog

This theme is designed based on a iWeb template on my Macbook. And I love it more when it is integrated with WordPress, make my jobs so much simpler.

The main idea is: make a website with static page on the home page, and set up a blog that has link to the home page, with only single installation of WordPress in the root folder/directory.

I duplicate the Page Template / page.php and rename it homepage.php (or home.php, or intro.php, it’s up to you).  Add this code to the top line:

Template Name: Homepage

Then I published a page, name it Home, and choose Homepage as the Page Template.

I also duplicate the index.php, and rename it to blog.php. Then I publised another page called Blog, and choose Blog as the Page Template.

In the Setting – Reading, change the Front page displays to A static page (select below):

  • Front page: Home
  • Posts page: Blog

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10 thoughts on “Static Page And A WordPress Blog

  1. Thanks for such a fantastic tutorial. I built my website using this as a reference point for all of my static pages.

    I will do a blog along these lines soon, so expect a trackback. I’m also going to write a “Credits” page, which will have links to all of the blog posts and tutorials that have helped me to build my website, and your site will be in there also.

    Thanks again, your help has been invaluable.

    All the best,


  2. Thanks for such a fantastic tutorial. I built my website using this as a reference point for all of my static pages.

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